• Weight Loss
  • Improve Digestion
  • Reduce Cravings
  • Healthier Eating Habits
  • Increased Exercise
  • Stress Reduction
  • Food Knowledge
  • Navigating the Grocery Store
  • Becoming Your Own Expert

Our work together will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to continue making changes in your life that support your individual health and wellness goals. Together, we will develop strategies and action steps to integrate into your daily life. My work with clients is based on 3 principles that are the foundation for living a life of abundance and vitality.

* Your Personal Uniqueness - We are all unique and require a personalized path to health and wellness. There is no one diet or lifestyle that works for everyone. In fact, what works for one person may not work for another.

* More Than Food - This foundational principle looks at the areas of your life that feed your soul. This includes healthy relationships, fulfilling career, finances, self-care, creativity, physical activity, and much more. When this part of your life is balanced, what you feed your body becomes secondary.

* Fork to Digestion - We will explore the foods you eat and how to increase healthy nutritional choices to increase energy, lose weight, clear up digestion issues, decrease mental fogginess, reduce acidity and inflammation in the body, and reduce cravings. We will review the problems with the food supply and I will provide you with alternatives to the most common food allergens.

If you do not live in the West Chester, PA area, no worries! We can work together no matter where you live and it can be done from the comfort of your own home.




Want a refresher course that will motivate you to make some healthy changes? Try a single 1.5 hour session. We will work together to identify your most important health goals and strategize how to attain those goals with emphasis on clear action steps.



This 3-month program will allow you the opportunity to dig a little deeper into issues including food and exercise.

  • 6 One-on-One private sessions
  • 2 bi-weekly 50 min sessions per month. They can be in person at my office or by phone. You can live anywhere and we can connect. 
  • Each session will be the same time and day bi-weekly 
  • Email recaps after sessions talking about the specific goals for the following two weeks. I will also provide handouts and easy to make recipes
  • Unlimited support during the program through emails and text



Are you looking to balance all aspects of your life? In this 6-month program, we will explore healthy eating, making good food choices, exercise, sleep, how to deal with stress, spirituality and overall balance in your life? 

  • 12 One-on-One private sessions
  • 2 bi-weekly 50 min sessions per month. They can be in person at my office or by phone  
  • Each session will be the same time and day bi weekly 
  • Email recaps after sessions talking about the specific goals for the following two weeks. You will also receive handouts, recipes, and important materials
  • Unlimited support during the program through emails and texts
  • Free copy of Finding the Way by Elizabeth DeRosa



Are you interested in bringing a health and wellness workshop to your organization or school? Please contact me so we can discuss the many options that await your parents, staff, and employees.



Are you ready to detoxify your kitchen from foods that may be harming you and your family? I will personally come to your home and detoxify your kitchen from the foods that are keeping you from reaching your health or weight goals. I will help you identify the foods that should be eliminated and replaced with healthier alternatives. The most crucial step in developing a lifestyle toward vibrant health is decluttering your kitchen from harmful foods.

  • This is 1.5 hour service that includes handouts for food replacement, grocery shopping list, food guide, and label guide
  • Discover the truth behind what you have been eating
  • Identify what foods need to be eliminated and add replacements
  • Learn how to keep a well-stocked and organized pantry/fridge
  • Learn to read labels and identify food additives and chemicals



This is a 1.5 hour guided tour of your local grocery store and is perfect for those who want to learn how to confidently navigate the grocery store and make better food selections.

  • You will become a conscious consumer in a confusing environment
  • You will understand food labels and ingredients; being able to identify additives, chemicals, and toxins in your food
  • You will learn how to identify healthier foods
  • You will learn what aisles to stay away from and some of the marketing tricks by the major food companies.
  • You will become a savvy consumer who shops more effectively while saving money and time